Wednesday, October 14, 2009

WELCOME AiDallas Students!

Your career goals come into focus with the first job in your field after graduation.
The Career Services staff works with you to make that happen. The Career Services Department helps lay the foundation for your career search. A unique benefit of graduating from The Art Institute of Dallas is the graduate is afforded access to Career Services for up to six months after graduation. Most importantly, we provide graduates with the know how to conduct a successful job search: a skill you will use for a lifetime.

What we offer:

  • Experienced advisors to provide instruction on key job search skills; résume writing, interviewing, portfolio presentation and networking.
  • Job search assistance for students seeking part-time employment while completing his or her program of study.
  • One-on-one job search assistance for full-time employment in each graduates’ field of interest.
  • Career workshops, job fairs and on-campus recruiting to provide a forum for students and employers to interact.
  • Quarterly Portfolio Shows where employers meet new graduates and view their work.
  • Employer presentations and panel discussions, bringing up-to-date information on trends to The Art Institute community.
  • Alumni services, including online résume database and advanced-level job listings on the Alumni website.

Launching Your Career
A Career Services advisor is assigned to each program and is committed to knowing the industry and establishing relationships with a wide range of employers. Employers look to the Career Services advisors as a resource - by referring graduates who are a good match in skills and abilities to the employer's needs. This connection with employers and ability to match employer needs with graduate skills is only part of how the Career Services staff assists our students and graduates.

Career Services advisors connect with students through:

  • Career Development classes
  • mid-program review
  • classroom presentation
  • Career Service workshops
  • campus events

Another very important factor is the active role students/graduates take in their own job search. In both coursework and meetings with Career Services, students learn how to network, how to research a company, the importance of joining student clubs and organizations, how to write effective cover letters and résumes, and how to come out on top in job interviews.

Although The Art Institute offers no guarantee of employment, considerable effort is put forth to make sure every graduate has the opportunity to successfully begin their career in the field.

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