Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Is My Facebook Page Appropriate for Potential Employers To View?"

Looking for a job? You may also want to re-examine your Facebook page.
Don't be fooled...employers are prowling social network sites — such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter — to check on potential new hires.
“It can be a legitimate way to see if someone is a good fit for your company culture,” said Carol Barnett, a labor attorney with Polsinelli Shugart in St. Joseph.
Companies find the searches especially helpful for their open positions “It’s certainly less expensive, but it may not be the most reliable source for you,” Ms. Barnett said. H.R. surveys have found that 20% of respondents had researched a candidate on a social network and of those, about 20% had disqualified a candidate.
Some employers have actually fired workers over information that was posted on their social networks or personal blogs. Although employees have sued, claiming discrimination or violation of free speech, Ms. Barnett said most court rulings favor employers.
Career Services Advisors agree that social networks are becoming essential tools, especially since about 50% of adults have either a Facebook or MySpace account.

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